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We use cutting edge technology
to solve your mail communication
safety problems.
PortShields® is building a new level of security into every facet of computer technology. Through a combination of dynamic hardware and software solutions, we help make your digital world more secure.
Provides government institutions, 100% secure internal or outward communication traffic by using unique protocols. Build and monitor productivity with comprehensive unified communications to help users communicate and work more effectively.
PortShields enables an GSM number can also be used as an e-mail address. We also make sure the communication between GSM and Internet networks is secure, measurable and accountable.
Recognize your clients through mailing over gateway and protects your users and content everywhere, from the enterprise perimeter to distributed enterprises with branch offices and remote or roaming users, to datacenters that use technologies like virtualization and the cloud.
PortShields system, once set up, enables you to opt out the worldwide blacklist straight away. Whether your IT initiatives range from addressing mobility and BYOD issues, to enabling security for your dynamic virtualized datacenter.
You can better manage and protect the complex and ever-evolving ecosystem of modern technologies upon which your industry relies. Your end users have efficient utilization and hold sway over the network.
While moving from one location to another within the span of a business day, your users benefit the individual possession of control over all time communications.
Reliable, all-inclusive service with software, computing power, and support. Cost-effective cloud-based solution that reduces your onsite data center footprint. Dedicated email security instances in multiple, resilient PortShields data centers promote exceptional service availability and data protection. When sensitive data needs to remain physically on-premises, the hybrid solution delivers advanced control on-site while taking advantage of cost-effective convenience of the clouds.
A good understanding of the configuration differences and the tools available on each operating system is key to maintaining a secure environment and in helping IT personnel select the best operating system for the intended IT function, when a choice is possible. Since the establishment of Internet, IT pros have accredited and entrusted X-based (Unix, Linux, Xenix, AIX) systems for running security, service control and evaluation. Windows® shell/core based security models are not built upon, disregarded or remained with limited applications.

PortShields has the full ability of all X based systems, but on top has additional security outcomes by running over core of Windows® shell thus created a unique infrastructure and a unique platform controlling and securing over TCP 65536 and UDP 65536 ports, enabling dynamic, fast and easy to manage security system.
Anti-Spam Features
 Policy-Based User Settings
 Policy-Based Domain Settings
 Policy based User SMS Messaging On GSM Network
 Multiple Rule Scanning Engines
 Internal RBL - SBL ( Country or Corporate or Domain )
 Outer RBL - SBL ( SpamCop - SpamHaus - Barracuda )
 Antispoofing ( SPF, Sender ID, DKIM Spoofing )
 Backscatter ( Fake Bouncing )
 Tarpitting ( Multi Server , Botnet Mail Attacks )
 SMTP Banner Delay
 Early Talk Blocking
 Outgoing Bounce Blocking
 Advanced Bounce Policy
 DNS Poisoning Control
 DNS Poisoning Stopping
 Creating and Using Own BlackList (RBL) and WhiteList (RWL)
 Regular Expressions in Rules
 User Based Allow and Block Lists
 User Based Contacts Allowed
 User Based Quarantine
 Domain Based Allow and Block Lists
 Domain Based Contacts Allowed
 Domain Based Quarantine
 Domain Based White List
 Global Rules ( RFC )
 Morph Server Using
 Multi Node
 CC - BCC Management ( Creating Unique Message for each Receipents )
 Regulating and Slowing Spam Attacks
 On Flood Attacks Changing Role to As Firewall & Grounding
 Frequently Hacker Eye Testing
 Implementing and Communicating with CRM Modules
 Data DNA
 Photo DNA
 Layer 7 Analysis on SMTP Ports
 Layer 8 - Layer 9 - Layer 10 Analysis on SMTP Ports
Content Filtering /
Header Analysis
 Policy-Based User Settings
 Ultimate UTF-8 Triggering
 Inappropriate Content Control
 Internal Route Filtering
 Outbound Filtering
 Inbound Filtering
 SSL Filtering
 Ultimate Regular Expressions
 Backing Up Messaging in Private File type
 Global Disclaimers
 Policy-Based Disclaimers
 Embedded Attachments
 Private Disclaimers
 Automatic Creating Email Adress and Domain ( No Requiring Operator or Admin )
 Customizable SMTP Banner Text
 Customizable Connection Timeouts
 Customizable Temporary or Permanent BAN
 Customizable Retry Management
 Stopping DNS Poisining at Start
 Online Traffic Reporting ( Time - Transferred Data - Item )
 Online Ultimate Traffic Reporting ( Messaging between email Clients )
 Guard Options for Tracking Inside Poisining ( Bounce Check Method )
 User Validating Attack Stopping
 Quarantine Options
 Handling and Managing Message Routing Fingerprint ( Received by in Mail Header )
 Multi-Server Replication ( Multi Node + Same Database )
 Cluster Configuring ( Multi Node + Multi Database )
 Web Console
 Parental Control
 IP Optimized Mobile Applications Messaging ( DHCP Based Mobile Networks )
 Role Management ( Only Inbound - Only Outbound )
 Internal UTF-8 DNS
 Quick Configuring Internal DNS and Trusted DNS's
 Configuring Private Untraceble Messaging between Nodes
 UTF-8 Domain Email Adresses
 Port Management ( Communication with Standart 25,465,587 )
 Port Management ( Communication with Selectable Private Ports Except 25,465,587)
 Private Port Messaging between Nodes ( Government Operations )
 Only Nodes Communication ( Goverment Operations )
 Crypto engine: AES 128-256, SHA-1,SHA-256 ( Only Node to Node Communication )
 Private Cyrpto : Client Defined or similar TOR
 Common Private Cyrpto Server for Multi Domain & Servers
 Open Source .NET and Database Management
 Easy Configuring and Creating Private Web Based Mail Services
 Ready to Windows,Android,iOS Applications Connects
 Auto Detecs Newsletters and Newsletter engines ( Already %72 Success )
 GSM Messaging Manage,Control,Billing or Bartering
 Working as GSM Messaging Gateway
 Check System Resources
 Load Balancing Between Nodes
 Disaster Mode
 Automatic System Health Reporting via email or to SMS Gateway
 Updates on Request
 Updates on Global Rules
 Running on Windows Platform
 Creating Special Test Websites as Mxtoolbox
 Guarding Big Clouds or Datacenters
 Remote Data Backing Up
 User and Domain Based Traffic Usage API Management for Other Applications
Virus / Vulnerability
 Virus Scanning
 Virus Engine
 Php Vulnerability Engine
 Auto detecting php attack softwares
 Remote MTA Reputation
Profiling & Statistics
 Email Adresses Profiling Possibility ( Statictics Bank,Corporate or Social Media )
 Implementing Big Profile Networks easily and Compatible
 Ready to Use Next Generation 5G Networks
 Ready to Use WeTransfer Style High Volume Data Mailing ( Requires Web Design )
 High Volume Data Messaging Transfer ( Up to 2 Gigabytes )
 Auto Translation ( Sending Auto Translated Emails )
 Translation Engine
 Ping and Distance Calculation
 Other Calculations
 Pay and Send & Receive
 Clearing Worldwide IP Blacklist Reputation ( In a Days , incl. Country Reputation )
 GSM Operator Implementation
 GSM Operator to Internet Service Provider Applications
 Creating SMS or Messaging System for GSM Operators
 Open Code
 Demonstrated to Country Backbone
 Working on Medium or High Scale Datacenters
 Working on Medium Size Internet Service Providers
 Working on Medium or High Scale Domains
The modern world is an online world, and making sure every facet of your network remains safe and secure is part of the new paradigm. PortShields is dedicated to creating fully secured platforms 24/7. Passion and dedication keeps us focused on our goal of making the internet more secure.

The PortShields® research team focuses on projects improving security for UTF-8 DNS on Port 53, and on telecommunication security and privacy on Port 80. We are also paying careful attention to the Windows 10 platform, which holds interesting promise for the future.
For the last 25 years PortShields has been on the leading edge of technology. As the world becomes more mobile and cloud based, PortShield is using their experience and knowledge to making networked information safer.

With a long track record of exceptional customer service and support, PortShields is providing solutions to network communication problems. In a world where security is more important than ever, doesn’t it make sense to trust a company with the background and skills to keep you safe? Portshields is that company. Drop us a line and lets see how we can help your business.


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San Francisco California CA 94131 USA


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